How does it work?

You have two options when ordering a Bulgarian Ltd from us.
Absolutely the fastest and smoothest way is if you come down to us in Bulgaria.

When traveling to Bulgaria (2-3 days):

Place your order. 
We will send all company documents and power of attorneys to your e-mail address for a review. 
We agree on a date when you can come to Sofia / Bulgaria. (It is preferable that you come at the beginning of a given work week). 
Depending on what time of the day you arrive, we may have the opportunity to go to a notary office for signature of all company documents, immediately on the same day. 
All signed company and notarized documents are sent to the Bulgarian Companies House. 
The registration process in the Bulgarian companies house usually takes around 2-3 business days. After that, your company is ready and you can start your business. 

Remotely from your home country (10-15 days):

Place your order. 
We send all company documents and power of attorneys to your e-mail for signing and apostille certification. apostille certification. 
You are required go to a notary office in your city and get the company documents and the PAO certified with apostille / alternatively you can go to the Bulgarian Embassy if there is one your area. (We can assist with notary office / Embassy addresses).
The apostilled documents and PoA is then sent (via courier) to us. 
Since the company documents are apostilled, the company registration takes about 10 working days, after which your company is ready and you can start your business. 

We take care of all the administration work, so you only have to concentrate on a profitable business.

What's included?

We chose to provide you with a complete business package.

Bulgarian Ltd

VAT & Tax Registration 
Company address 
Certificate of Incorporation 
Certificate of good standing 
All government fees upon registration 

Bank account:

When the company is registered and ready, it will be time to open a company account in your chosen bank. By email you will get a list of Bulgarian banks to choose from. Alternatively, you can open the bank account online if you started the company remotely.
You have the opportunity to come down and pick up your electronic internet bank access device and VISA / Mastercard credit/debitcard at the chosen bank. Or if it is an online bank, your credit card will be mailed to you. 
If you choose to have them sent home by courier instead, we will need a signed power of attorney to be able to retrieve the electronic internet bank access device and VISA / Mastercard credit/debitcard in your name. 


Is it a newly registered company?

Our Bulgarian companies are registered immediately, just for you and are thus completely new. This is unlike many other competitors offering off the shelf companies, where all kinds of unpleasant surprises can happen.

Do the Bulgarian company have VAT?

We will apply for a VAT-number for your company. VAT registered companies are recommended in order to conduct proper business in the EU.

Can I open company Bank Account in Bulgaria?

Yes, it is part of our company package.

Yes, it is part of our company package.

The share capital of Bulgarian companies is at least BGN 100 (EUR 50) and it is recorded in the company's cash account. This means that you must pay it to us before we can register the company. After formation, you can immediately choose to withdraw the entire share capital from your bank account.

Can I choose the name of my company?

Yes, It is even recommended that you do so. On the application form you are asked to input three company names, in order of your preference. We will then check with the Company Registry if those names are available for incorporation.

What about help with accounting?

Yes, we have an accounting firm in Bulgaria to help you with all current accounting and legal matters.

Do I have to name the business purpose of the company?

Yes, it is required that you mention in what kind of business line the company will be in.

Is it enough with one person on the board of the company?

Yes, and it may be the same person who owns the shares.

Why are the companies called EOOD and sometimes OOD?

Both OOD and EOOD are Bulgarian limited companies (ltd companies). The company name is different depending on whether there is 1 owner in the company or if there are several.

If you are the sole owner, the company will be called EOOD and if there are several owners or if there is another company that owns the shares, the Bulgarian company will be called OOD. However, it is common to use Ltd. as a cover for both.

Why are your fees lower than those of your competitors?

Having our own office and partners in Bulgaria where we provide our services, we are able to offer straight-forward and competitive prices, thus we can avoid any intermediaries.