Are you thinking of establishing a foreign company?

We will take care of the whole process for you, quickly and easily:
Only EUR 50 in share capital is required
Only 1 person on the board is required
You do not need to travel to Bulgaria
You get your company in 2 weeks!

Bulgarian company - All in one

With hundreds of companies delivered to our European customers over the years, we are undoubtedly one of the largest suppliers of Bulgarian Ltd companies in Europe. We will handle all the accounting and administration. You just need to concentrate on а profitable business.


Lowest corporate tax rate in the EU

Bulgaria has the lowest corporate tax-rates for companies and their owners in the whole EU. This, combined with a stable political environment, makes the country extremely attractive to start and run a company in. We offer free consultation on how to best perform tax-planning operations best suitable for you.


Bank account & Debit Card

We understand that a company without a bank account is not a company. Therefore, we always guarantee that all our ready made companies come with a bank account. All banks also provide Visa / Mastercard cards that you can use for worldwide payments and ATM withdrawals.

Company in Bulgaria - the right choice

For a long time, it has been popular for companies to move their operations to Eastern Europe.

In Bulgaria, several multinational companies have already placed both their customer service and IT departments. The biggest advantage of setting up a company with all, or part of its operations in Bulgaria, is the EU's lowest corporate tax.

This creates a wealth of opportunities for those who want to accumulate capital in a stable EU country, then invest (in, for example, new projects, real estate, cars, shares) or even lend.

Company in Bulgaria - what's included:

Bulgarian Ltd
Bank account (IBAN)
The companies are brand new and are formed directly with your information
VAT & Employer tax registration
At least 1 Director who can also own the company

Personalkostnaden i Bulgarien är lägst inom EU. Har du ett företag med mycket personal, så gör du stora kostnadsbesparingar på personalsidan. Därmed kan du öka din vinst rejält, genom att driva företaget från Bulgarien.

When it is awesome with low taxes:

Corporate tax 10%
Dividend tax 5%
VAT 20%
Preferential taxation 0%
Payroll tax 10%

*We always give you free consultation for accurate and advanced tax planning.

Customer References

Read what our customers have to say

Michael Porter

Entrepreneur / Manchester

"I can highly recommend BgBolag. The company formation went as planned and we could get started within two weeks. We receive continuous support and always fast feedback if needed"

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Justine Bisset

Entrepreneur / Paris

"One of our customers recommended that we move parts of our customer service abroad. Bgbolag helped us with the whole process and we are completely satisfied! Thank you for your excellent service"

0 (1)-6

Stig Hansson

Entrepreneur / Stockholm

"If you are looking to start a foreign LTD company then Bulgaria is a safe card. In addition, Bulgaria is very nice place to have a holiday in. Martin from BgBolag took us to the Rila Monastery, a unique place, thank you!"


Thomas Nylander

Entrepreneur / Frankfurt

"This company had a very professional approach and I am very satisfied. Impressive that we could resolve a business account within a couple of hours"

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